Bless have been installed in Craft Victoria for a few weeks now, N°38 Windowgarden, in collaboration with PAM. I've been meaning to go back in and have a proper look after the opening. I did so this week and here are my pictures. Curated by Nella Themelios as part of State of Design Festival. So much goodness. A particular favourite is the flintstones pebble phone, all the pebble prints and the warped window panels, and all of the garden. Also the bleached denim PAM shirt pile, which goes along with my current investigations of all things denim, for my upcoming show at Mr Kitly. There will be much more on that soon.

Bless Windowgarden

Bless Windowgarden

World Food Books

The last image is from World Food Books in the back gallery. More love there too.

Also goodness on the BlessBlog.

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