You're Welcome

You're Welcome is a charity art raffle where every ticket wins an original work. All proceeds go to the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre. It's a charity that's close to my heart and one in need of as much love as possible, when considering the current political climate. Join us for one afternoon only at Mars Gallery (418 Bay St, port Melbourne) from 3-6pm on Sunday July 24 to add a special piece to your wall and contribute to a great cause.

Artists contributing work include:
Aaron Carter, Adam Cullen, Adam Cruickshank, Amber Wallis, Andre Piguet, Andrew Gordon, Angus Lord, Anna Griffiths, Anne Judell, Carmel Seymour, Caroline Rothwell, Charlie Sofo, David Larwill, Dane Lovett, Daniel Price, Dell Stewart, Dylan Martorell, Emily Ferretti, Emma De Clario, Fergus Binns, Graeme Base, Glenn Dalton, Gregory Hodge, Hank Jossefson, Heather B. Swann, Heidi Yardley, Helen Johnson, Helen Shelley, Hossein Ghaemi, Jackson Slattery, James Eisen, Jakob Schmitt, Jane Hall, Jasper Knight, Jelena Telecki, Jeremy Kibel, Jennifer Goodman, Jess Lucas, Jo Bertini, Joanna Anderson, Joanne Mott, Jon Butt, Juan Ford, Julian Meagher, Julian Smith, Julie Irving, Justin Lee Williams, Kate Durham, Kate Smith, Kate Tucker, Lara Merrett, Lionel Bawden, Lucas Grogan, Marc Alperstein, Mark Rodda, Matlok Griffiths, Michael Peck, Michael Tan, Nadnerb Yeltnuh, Nell, Oslo Davis, Peter Binek, Rachael Freeman, Rachael Hooper, Rhys Lee, Richard Denny, Rick Matear, Rick Milovanovic, Riley Payne, Robert Hollingworth, Rona Green, Rus Kitchin, Saffron Newey, Sam Martin, Sam Leach, Simon Attwooll, Steve Cox, Symon Mcvilly, Spew Corp, Stephanie Hughes, Tai Snaith, Thomas Jeppe, Todd McMillan, Tony Garifalakis, Tony Lloyd, Tristan Ceddia, Tully Moore, William Kelly, Wendy Sharpe, Zoe Amor and More!

Tickets are only $100 and are available here. Did I mention all tickets win an artwork. Crazy good!

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