Today I had a meeting with Em and Jess at Harvest, we sat in the sun and drank peach tea. Ziggy made lemonade and was utterly adorable, with his crown of knotty blonde hair standing on end and a very cheeky grin.

Before leaving I snuck into Popcraft for a last look at those rainbow yarns. Pauline was demonstrating knitting up some cotton jersey when Lu came in for a crochet lesson. I got an impromptu lesson as well. So pleased, as I have tried to learn crochet a few times but always got a bit stuck, maybe knitting is too ingrained? I start to knit up knots with the hook, in a confusing manner. Luckily, Pauline was very patient, and now I have my first ever granny square. In giant jersey yarn. Op-arty party.

Tomorrow is the last day of Popcraft, so go have a look if you can, before it's closed for the year. This Open/Closed sign was made by the amazing Isobel Knowles, and I love it. I also love the rainbow LOVE pompoms from a mysterious yarn fan.

I have added the crochet to the pile of started projects within reach of, or on the couch. Here are a few of them. I'm knitting fluro orange rope – slightly painful and unsuited to knitting in company – it takes up the whole couch.


And in the opposite direction, some incredibly soft bubbly handspun wool and silk from Pene. This is a delight to knit with, but still I am not sure what to knit. I'll show you when these things are finished, if they ever are.

While we are on the couch, I should show you this guy, terribly back lit, but you get the idea. A shaggy Echidna woven by John from Looming. I have a pair of them to pin to my jacket when the occasion permits. I'm looking forward to that occasion.

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