So, the new house, what else? Well, the new house has a heater, which is interesting, great even. Apparently it needs it too, as it is colder, being made of wood and not sandwiched between other houses. Our bedroom is freezing right now. So when Pene turned up last week with this amazing pile of hot water bottles covered in the now legendary quilted blanket fabric, I looked at each one and chose this one, to take home with me. I LOVE it.

Handsome next to my woody blanket huh?

Now, a few more days later, Pen has been busy and there are apron bags made of the same fabric, and no matter how hard I try, and how much I love this fabric (a little bit Granddad Alf association, a Scottish appreciation of all things woolen and a lifetime of textile love) I can't seem to justify buying one, and I have chosen one – you know – if I were to buy one. I have so many bags, I even made another one this weekend just gone, between dancing and eating.

So, here's hoping someone buys it today, so I can stop looking at it.

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