Fast Forward

I've been listening to early interviews with Nick Cave and Rowland Howard, originally released on cassette as part of Fast Forward a magazine put together by Bruce Milne and Andrew Maine. I just read a great article on Mess and Noise about Greg Wadley archiving Fast Forward. These cassette magazines are something I grew up slightly obsessed with. I was lucky enough to have an Aunt in Brisbane collecting the things, and she passed on some of them. I later inherited a pile more while I was at Art School, along with copies of Zip Start?? which was out of Brisbane. The music and the whole package was a huge influence and a key to me ending up in the printmaking department screen-printing books and posters. I hope they are still in my things somewhere. They felt like rare treasures from another world at the time, but even so, I am glad we have the internet to make some of this more accessible, allowing me to re-listen without digging through cupboards at my parents place.


Unknown said...

This is a lovely comment about Zip. I'm writing a paper about ephemera this week. Hope you don't mind if I quote you?

dell said...

Not at all, feel free to email.