The new backyard. There isn't really much amidst the overgrown lawn here but some concrete paths, a hills hoist and a loquat tree. I did discover a couple of primula seedlings (above) growing in amidst the clover and grass, though, which I have replanted into a bed.

I have built up a couple of beds for a vege garden, using the no dig approach. I laid down wet newspaper and covered it with layers of compost and straw. I used a mixture of sugar cane mulch and pea straw. Compost is from the back of the shed. That was about mid August.

The first things I planted were chili's, sweet thai ones and a jalapeno. I also planted this gooseberry and a rhubarb. I have been unsuccessful with this in the past but I love it, so am trying again.

About a week later I planted a strawberry, some sorrel, some sugar snap peas, some leeks, and an early tomato. I have shallots down the side of the house along with some wild strawberries and pansys. I planted parsley and rosemary seeds and already have some mint and rainbow silverbeet too, brought over from our last garden. Same with a thyme and lemon thyme.

This morning I put in some tiny basil seedlings (above) and some desiree potatoes. Later today I am going to find a spot for some horseradish cuttings ready to plant out, those are from lovely Pene.

I sowed some flower seeds too, I was reminded of my amazement the first time I grew Zinnias, so I put some seeds out the front and side of the house. There are some possible babies popped out of the ground this week. Fingers crossed. We are on a hill, so wind might be a problem for them out the front. There are a couple of dahlia seedlings out there too.

I have been busy, now that I list it! I hope that most of it will grow! We have plenty of worms, also plenty of birds around to scratch out baby seedlings, sadly. I decided to get in and embrace the possibility of growing as many of our own veges as possible, this list is just to help me remember. I am intermittent with the garden (and everything) so hopefully, once established, they won't need too much of my vague attention. It's exhausting carting buckets of grey water to baby seedlings!

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