Rainy BBQ

After an early start on Saturday, we tried to weather-proof our house for our rainy day BBQ. My luck with the weather had changed, it was due to rain and pour. Lucky we have a tarp and a shed and a large umbrella, oh, and most amazing of all, we have a house that provides shelter from the rain. One of the reasons for the celebration.

wet grass
party shed
couch gang
housewarming gothic

Rain was a bit sad, as we have an excellent backyard for laying around on picnic blankets and playing cricket, but I guess we can do that next time. Thanks to everyone who came, we had a lovely day, and we managed to restore the place to order by 1:25pm on sunday. Plenty of time to lay around nursing the hangover. You may also note the controversial dream catcher and my new rainbow tie-dye dress. There was abit of talk of my gothic leanings. Oh well.

post cleanup

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