Open House

After work wednesday we went to the launch of The Design Files Open House. It's a pretty amazing place – filled with covetable objects, spaces, and views – along with some lovely friendly faces.

Funnily enough, I don't mind these woody stools, or the reflection of the flowery umbrella in the puddles on the roofdeck.

The steely stormy sky looked incredible against the snowy gums, pebblecrete and bluestone walls. I could stare at that scene for ages, with a golden handled Bridget Bodenham teacup to keep me company on the deck, and occasional distractions from the garden and the daschhound on the neighbouring rooftop.

This Penelope Durston cushion is my favourite in the house and in the shop, and was really quite stunning on the acid yellow lounge. I liked the prevalence of Polka dots on people, both staff and punters alike, and the eye candy in general. It's only open this weekend, so if you are in the neighbourhood, and don't mind a peek behind usually closed doors, check it out.

THE DESIGN FILES OPEN HOUSE is located at 40 Little Napier Street, Fitzroy, just off Gertrude street, 10-5pm.


Emma said...

Dell, I visited this morning, and agree with your desire to stay awhile and enjoy the view. The dachsund across the lane was my favourite! PS Your flowering garden looks amazing, I'll have to share some of mine, it's all happening in le jardin!

dell said...

Thanks Emma!

I worry I might turn into a nerdy garden blog, but there's so much joy lately with all this rain. I am one of those people who loves stormy skies and a cool rainy first day of summer.