Art Cram

Saturday we hid from most of the heat in big galleries. ACCA was cooling and kinda perfect with Pipilotti Rist, though the carpet island room was most successful, truly absorbing and transporting in a perfect way for a hot Melbourne day. We walked up the road to NGV International to see the The Mad Square which features some old favourites – including El Lissitzky and Hannah Höch – and then onto NGV at Fedsquare, though by that time it was all a bit of a blur. Here, an amazing plate.

After a giant vege burger we managed to stay out long enough to make it to South Yarra for the opening of new shows by Agatha Gothe Snape and TV Moore at Kaliman Rawlins. Agatha had a beautiful framed animation in the show which was my favourite thing, and a nice contrast to the disappointing projection on a painting in Pipilotti Rist's show at ACCA.

We also discovered a Japanese supermarket in South Yarra and were overjoyed to find Caramel Corn and Pocari Sweat along with some foods with faces. Crucial sustenance in maintaining gallery energy.


Mad Wren in Production said...
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Jen said...

I was taken to ACCA on Saturday. Did we lie down next to each other without realising??

nicky peacock said...

hello gorgeous