Big developments on the phone front. I have upgraded to the evil iphone (though not before signing the petition). This was the previous phone. So long phone history! Rachael bought this phone in Macau. At the time it was pretty fancy – 2005 – time flies.

Anyway, now I have easy access to fauxlaroids with instagram. So to share, some around the house photos yesterday. My wardrobe heaving with patterns. The fridge. The figs from the neighbours tree (I climbed on the shed) and the fig and cinnamon jam, which I later used to fill a brown sugar sponge. No photo though.

P.S. I hope to be better at answering my new phone and I won't be running out of credit anytime soon.

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Paula Alice said...

nice pics - i recently got a new phone too - will have to see if mine takes pics like that! figs look yum