Autumn is a perfect time to be at Harvest. (Speaking of harvest, I am currently planning our Autumn chutney club meeting, quinces and figs are weighing down trees all across town). Riding my bike on a perfect crisp sunny autumn day is one of my favourite things. There are days though, like Wednesday where I arrived at work utterly drenched, and relieved Pen was there with a towel and a Harvest Smock for me to wear while my sad clothes were chucked in the dryer.

It's been a really big week, as much time at the studio as possible, a real estate inspection, a spider bite, decomposing flesh, visits to the doctors, visits to the foundry, drenching rain and perfect sunshine, and more kilometres on my bike than ever. I will be doing a few posts over on the harvest textiles blog, if you'd like to see how it's going.

We've had two home grown cucumbers this week. So delicious! And look, Wizard cat is back!

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