Pin cushions

This pretty citrus cup pincushion is in the Harvest Workroom. It reminded me I wanted to show a bunch of the pincushions around me. I've always found them a little fascinating, I have early memories of my mum making one with a small tin can. Annie had a wearable wrist cuff, and I'm a sucker for the Chinese silk ones.

This tapestry one is behind the counter in the shop. Cottage Industry.

My Sugar Plum. Made by Pene, she sells them in the shop. And below is Simon's felty landscape, co-opted by me when we shared a studio. I did say I'd give it back if he wanted it, but obviously I don't want to. It used to be a display for his precious people pins in Alice Euphemia.

And lastly Renilde had a sweet pincushion on her blog last week.

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Paula Alice said...

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loving the pincushions!! I'm a bit obsessed with them too