I feel like this is crazy lazy, but it seems I'm not up to much else of late. Some more snapshots from this week.

1. This is from a letter from Grandma Shirley, full of photos – proof of my tomboy roots – the middle one with the cowboy stance is me. This letter truly made my day.

2. Pimping the couch with a new Welsh tapestry cushion. Mustard works for me, thanks to the amazing Penelope Durston.

3. I've been seeing this one alot lately, along with the usual 11:11. Auspicious no? It never fails to make me think of Annie, which is a good thing. I'm thinking of her extra this week as one of the art stars of the Yolgnu passed away and the whole community is grieving. R.I.P. Gulumbu.

4. We has power. I did a collaborative workshop at Signal over the weekend, a three day workshop (hence the quiet and extra exhaustion). Fun though, making maps, and time-lapse and animation with Rachel Jesse-Rae O'Connor and Marion Singer.

5. My favourite photobooth is pretty close to Signal.

6. Pene has made THE most luxurious scarf of dip-dyed angora and I'm in love with these shades of grey and indigo.

Hope you are having a good week!

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Annie studd said...

And 2112 is my birthday too was that a coincidence ? X