This week has been less than usual shop hours, so more than usual time catching up chores. Those things that take time and are totally unrewarding, except that they are no longer on the to-do list. Like acquittals, doctors appointments, a long overdue analysis of finances, cleaning and backing up work on the computer. I hope this sacrificial few days means the next few days will be extremely productive. After the analysis, it's official that I have absolutely negative money to spend right now, so I best stay in the shed and work, and survive on my overstocked pantry of preserves and my greenthumbs. In the garden there is rocket, leeks and baby beetroot ready and I just planted some more silverbeet and garlic. I really needed some garden time, after some of the more stressful chores, it makes me feel much better.

In real life, there are numerous things about to happen that I need work finished for, including something for Popcraft and something for West Space's Annual fundraiser.

Last night we said a teary goodbye to Phip from West Space, with drinks in the gallery and a serenade from an inflated clown. I will join the long list of people (fans) who'll miss her smiling face and incredible list of achievements, (I don't think I know anyone else with an unauthourised fan site). Anyway, we had a lot of fun.

Here is the clown.

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