I burnt the biscuits. They were brown sugar, peanut and sesame. It's pretty sad. I blame the post earthquake excitement.  I even had the pear timer on the job, but still I missed it. (If I didn't have this pear timer, I would burn my porrridge pretty much every day).

Since then (I started writing this two days ago) I have made a small batch of quince jelly, some quince paste, and I am currently baking a batch of lebkuchen hearts. Not sure what has come over me. Except that Pene bought me a bag of country quinces and we needed roadtrip and tree-planting snacks for this weekend. I did think that this year I'd try baking them for winter, instead of the traditional northern hemisphere Christmas.

Yes tree planting. 1000 trees. Down in the Otway ranges. I have woken up with a croaky cough, but hopefully will feel better tomorrow, I've been looking forward to this for weeks.

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