And the weeks go by... Lately includes many things, talking to the foundry about something new and having a coffee with Adam while we wait for Major Laser to be serviced. Helping Pene out with the Markit at Federation Square, which involves standing around talking to hundreds of people. It was good, but exhausting and I wish I'd had a better sleep the night before. Anyway I caught up afterwards.

Band practice. Shed workshops with Don and Adam, whittling. Seeing The Zonks. Art shows, including a highly recommended show upstairs in the international studio at Gertrude Contemporary,  Women vs Wild by Tai Snaith, and Between You and Me by Hannah Raisin at West Space, and the next wave shows a week before.

Wow, I have been slack here. I think maybe it just means I'm busy, or I'm sleeping in, cause I often do this first thing. Both are true. Oh well, it's winter. Bed is where it's at, but if you are rugged up, the shed is also where it's at.

I think all of these are from last friday night, or thereabouts.

1. A rainy tram ride home, hypnotized by my own pattern attack.
2. A BeeGees moment in the shed.
3. A self-saucing chocolate pudding.
4. Adam's work in progress.
5. Whittling...
6. Drumsticks! Bam Bam.

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