Some spots

A few spots. On my tights, but please note my amazing Welsh Cape from the Cottage. I goldilocksed the vintage capes in the store until I came across one that was just right. They are all beautiful, but some were too small, some were too big, some were just not my colours. This one is just right.


A good spot by the couch for both hand stitching the woody parquetry patterns I have been working on, and for keeping a stolen white cloud camelia in a lucky buddha.

Starry, spotty lights, from a day sitting the gallery at C3. I was tired, and hungover after band practice (below) but I had fun nonetheless. Mostly due to the policy at C3 of two artists in the gallery at once, so I could take 20 minutes to sit in the lovely winter sun and eat a baguette, and hang out talking art and things to both Matlock and Donald.

We had one practice in the dome, and joked about recording our first album on a phone in the dome. We'd put that on the press release, "recorded on an iphone in a plastic wrapped geodesic dome in a warehouse in Northcote". What a bunch of cunts.

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