We have had such good spring days. It's been nice to have a couple in a row where I didn't have to do much but hang out in the garden.

I visited my new neighbour Janita and she gave me a box of macadamia nuts. I grew up with a sack of these in the corner by the wood stove and can sit next to a pile with a hammer, for I dunno, hours. Tap tap tap.

In the garden we are very excited about our new raspberries. Pene has instigated the raspberry farm, and bought a bunch of canes back from Tasmania for us to plant in the sprawling Preston backyard. They are budding up all over the place, so fingers crossed for some summer raspberries. Wild strawberries are in a tangle all down the side of the house, so my inner berry farmer is pleased. The gooseberry is emerging from the winter sticks too.

The lemon tree we planted out at the end of winter has gone crazy with flowers, and so with the bees.

And lastly, that's me, loving little Aurelian, a pleasure to have him sleeping on me, sweet baby.


andrea said...

thanks for the cute spotty socks aunty dell!
aurelian's toes are toasty!

Kirrilee Bailey said...

Good luck with your strawberries! x