Right now I am going to bake a 90th birthday cake for Adam's Grandma. Also, it's nearly Easter, and I'm thinking about making some of these guys for the weekend. Hot and cross was pretty much me during the heatwave, I'm only here because it's over. I haven't been around the computer much except for necessary grant applications and trying to vaguely keep up with email. This office/house/city of ours was just too hot, and I had 3 months of nausea to contend with. Yes. It's over now, and I feel better, though none of my clothes fit me, and I am freaking out about how little I am freaking out about all the work I have to do this year. Some mega deadlines coming up, and I seem to mostly be concerned about one. Oh well.

I missed posting about this, "Thank You Very Much" a group show to launch the shiny new Bus Projects, they have an exciting line up for the first few months, and are accepting proposals for the rest of the year. Other upcoming things are animation workshops at Signal in June, a Linden Innovators show in July, and a baby in August. I'm not going to mention anything beyond that...


Mad Wren in Production said...
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Jen said...

Aww Dellie and Adam!
You are such a beautiful thing.