C3 Fundraiser

Faux Studio

In 2014, c3 launched a series of curated fundraising exhibitions to assist with the long-term sustainability of the gallery and to raise money to support artists by reducing the gallery fees and paying sales commission. While raising money was the goal of the show, the team was keen to work with fundraising as a creative concept. 2014's Faux Museum explored how large-scale institutions create funding opportunities through their environments and functions, while 2015's Faux Fair presented a play on the economics of the commercial art fair. Both shows were a huge success and raised enough to reduce the exhibition costs by over a third for 2015/16. The gallery also gave 50% of the proceeds back to the artists who donated their work, adding another layer of cash support.
This year c3 presents Faux Studio, the highly anticipated third project in the series which explores the artist-led economy.
The exhibition launches on Saturday 3 December, 11am - 5pm with a special all day event from 11am - 5pm. Many artists will be working in the faux studios on the day and award winning food truck Ghost KitchenTaiwanese Street Food will be serving delicious food. A bar will run from 1pm.
Faux Studio will feature over 100 significant Australian artists, including: Aaron Christopher Rees, Ace-Ohio Wagstaff, Adam Stone, Adrian Stojkovic, Annabelle Kingston, Antonia Sellbach, Benjamin Woods, Betra Fraval, Brendan Huntley, Bryan Spier, Brigit Ryan,ChronoxDana Harris, Dane Lovett, Danica Chappell, Darren Sylvester, Dell Stewart, Dylan Palmer, Eddy Parritt, Eleanor Louise Butt, Emma Langridge, Emily Ferretti, Emily Floyd, Emily Raubenheimer, Eugene Howard, Gabriel Curtin, Georgie Mattingley Georgina Cue, Grace Wood, HaHa, Hoang Tran, Ian Wells, Ingmar Apinis, Jake Treacy, James Voller, Jemila Macewan, Jessie Willow Tucker, Jia Jia Chen, Jon Butt, Justin Hinder, Kate Hill, Katie Paine, Kathryne Genevieve Honey, Kenny Pittock, Lucas Golding, Masato Takasaka, Matt Fairbridge, Matthew Harris, Melanie Upton, Meredith Turnbull, Miranda Skoczek, Natalie Ryan, Neil Shurgold, Nicholas Ryrie, Nick Modzrewski, Nicola Page, Nina Gilbert, Olga Bennett, OSW (Terri Bird, Bianca Hester + Scott Mitchell), Peter Atkins, Peter Fifer, Pia Murphy, Pip Ryan, Pippa Mackgill, Rachael Hooper, Rebecca Delange, Roma Turnbull-Coulter, Ross Coulter, Rudi Williams, Sally Ross, Samantha McCulloch, Sanja Pahoki, Sarah CrowEST, Saskiah Doherty, Scarlett Rowe, Shelly McLane Alejos, Simon Attwooll, Simon Macewan, Simon Massey Di Valenza, Simon Pericich, Sophie Neate, Spencer Lai, Tai Snaith, Travis John, Vivian Cooper Smith, WTOA, Xanthe Waite and Yvette Coppersmith, with many more to be announced soon.
The Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Heliers St. Abbotsford, VIC 3067 Australia