happy birthday most beautiful annie

And miss Kylee too, though I'm hoping to see you and I'm not gonna see annie, Cause, my bitch is in Paris & I miss Annie.


Now. Other things. My exhibition opens this thursday night at 6pm at 111 argyle st and there will be beer and art. Come and see. Today I made a nice log. Ha. Indulging my wood fetish. There'll be another one tommorrow to lay down by the fireplace and sit upon whilst gazing into the flames.

I might also be wearing a wooden hoody too. Now if that doesn't make you happy, what's up with you. It's got me smiling all the days.

Other news. the southern ladies animation group film 'it's like that' has been selected to screen at Sundance film festival. SLAG's ahoy. I tip my hat to y'all.
I'm hoping some of youse can get it together to represent. I'm otherwise engaged in the longterm leaving business.

Sorry i missed yr call Simon. Hows Honky town?

Now. Dell. Get busy.

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