mmmm chorizo sausage

went to a tapas bar on johnson street with kate for dinner, drank sangria.
happy cause i don't got to work tomorow. lots to do in the studio though, but that's much more pleasing.

wondering about the likelyhood of getting everything done in time. not looking good, but it'll be something. have made some nice tapes.

hot day saturday got me thinking about melbourne summer. i love that kind of heat in a very conditional way.

1. its not humid like it was a coupla weeks back. i HATE that. reminds me of cairns and townsville at their worst tropical filthy sweaty heat. where you are sleeping with a fan turned full bore having dreams of choppers back in 'nam. sweating and mosquitos and you wake up sweating even when you aren't moving at all. (i prefer to earn it)

2. that i don't have to do too much outside, like ride my bike to work, work, or run around.

3. that my house stays cool. it does, but my studio is the hottest place in the world so no working on hot days. or drag it all downstairs to my cool bedroom. like today. working in bed.

so i only like it if i can cool stay inside not doin anything (i'll happily take visitors) until its night time and i can drink cold beer on a hot sultry night. yay for summer.

my favourite thing is riding my bike around on a hot night. reminds me of annie and i riding around on an intersuburb biking pub crawl through fitzroy, north, brunswick, north melbourne, footscray & back again. good smells in the air. bbqs, mown grass and all that. summer.

don't like it later when it gets really nasty. my birthday 2 years ago was the crappest hottest day in melbourne in ten years or something like that. i get a little snarly then. great beginning to the crappest year of my life thus far. 25.

the year before that i had a garage sale on the hottest day and my neighbours kept bringing me cold things cause they felt sorry for me. I have a tendancy to look like a sad, pale wilted flower on these days, good for the sympathy vote. lucky my friends came and bought stuff, cause no one else was out.

speaking of garage sales i plan to have one mother of a sale in the new year. so if you need stuff, keep posted.

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