juvenile delinquent

i get a little rowdy and brainless around this time o year. actually i'd say i've been rowdy and kind of wifully thoughtless since the 20th of december last year, when i got back from the health camp, my home in far north queensland. on the atherton tablelands with rivers, waterfalls, lots of trees and organic everything, home grown fruit, vegetables, eggs, coffee and cows. i go home for at least two months every year to recharge and rest and get back the love. last year i went to help my sister phoebe have her fourth baby boy valentine marnane come into the world. he is lovely. gonna be a cowboy with a name like that.

anyhoo, i got back home and my ex boyfriend of five long years was standing at my front gate talking to my housemate. the ex boyfriend i was hoping not to see much of in the new year. so i had to go to the pub, and a party, and fight with him later in the night, and tell him to fuck off. maybe throw a bottle at him. sorry drew. i think i had about 5 hours sleep in that week, then slept solidly for three days then did it all again. so that became the beginning of what has become a year long bender, with a two month break in the middle to recoup at health camp. i'll be glad when this year's over. not cause i didn't love it. I DID. i had fun. the year of rock n roll and adventure. but i've got to get out of here, make myself useful. i can be useful. i know it. you'd better believe it. i might even not go out for the new year. but i am going to have one last a goin away / birthday party on the seventh of january. so if you wanna rejoice once more at my place youre invited.

then i'm outta here. and if you see me playin with childrens toys at the supermarket, or buying fruit loops, (because they got a pedometer, and i walked 7 miles in 4 hours on the night of my exhibition opening. jesus i should slow down, hyperactive) or saying things like, he's yr boyfriend, you LOVE him, and using CAPSLOCK again, just remind me that i'm a grown up now. and i'll laugh at you, and tell you... whatevs... or maybe i'll say, yes that's true, i'm about to turn twenty seven, maybe this year i'll start investing, maybe get a job (does that come first?), get internationally famous and recognized for the right reasons. you reckon?


fleischmann said...

i just told simey the same i been reading yo blog because i dont blog i think i love you love fleischi

hell said...

i know i love you sweetpea. mmmmmwaaa

wolfgang & vincent said...

get a room bitches! love v xx