had dinner with matt & estelle, took em to a party in north fitzroy, bit too much of a picnic sitting on the lawn in a crazy long backyard. in the crazy house of crooked floors and walls and its totally sinking into the ground. one of those nights when many strange worlds collide around me and i look at some of the folks i call friends and sigh with wonder. aaaahhhh. wonderful.

had a lovely day out with brookie and em. lunch in williamstown, shopping and em played me a song on her cello and i LOVE the cello. clever darling. all ended up drinking beer back at my place, again. singing dolly songs. jolene jolene jolene joooleeeene.

today was a bit of a waste. schlepping most of it away despite it being one of the lovliest days in awhile. then kate came over for a meeting, woke me up like a scared little rabbit with big pillow creases on my dazed face, what meeting, what time? five. shhheeeiiiitt holmes. sorry. we went and got pies, mmmm pies (BABKA where are you when i need you) with my home made T REX texas bbq sauce and kates chilli sauce. pies are merely the vehicle for the sauce around here. saucy. spicy.

steak sanga at the napier and we shot some hoops down at fitzroy primary school and i won. though i do have the height advantage i'm still gonna gloat. i'm a goat. she did bring out the gay defence moves and it certainly had me distracted for awhile. it's new years eve and i wish you all the best for the year ahead. look forward to much adventure and lonliness. til then much more loving so if you wanna come and get some, you know where i live. you know i give it up. i have an open door policy. might even give you some sauce.

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little nemo said...

i still love you, just busy