oh lord

tuesday's a hard day. don't call it suicide for nothin. ended up ok. got the news from my sis phoebe, that my nephew courtland is coming to stay for 2 weeks. in typical my family style it all happened in 2 days... the 1st call monday night, how would you feel about a visitor, good? great, i'll book his ticket tomorrow, second call tuesday, he's coming, tomorrow, that allright dellie bean?... no time to get me second thoughts..... yay! this'll be fun, he is ten and i'm taking him everywhere. he, like me is from lovely far north queensland and has never been to the big smoke of melbs so should all be exiting...

i have some serious lifestyle adjustments to make. like 3 meals a day, and no going to the pub to chat up boys. nah. just good wholesome fun for me. trains, trams, museums and cakes... lovely.

it did mean i had to go out last night for a last hurrah. opening at seventh, drank champagne, went into bus, drank wine. went to the tote to see the tranquilizers and they was good. new songs and all. other bands bore me so went into front bar and talked and drank til the wee hours. i missed work and no alarm and now i must organise, get responsible and make plans. also finish all the tasks that won't be happening now i've got an offsider.

4 days til annie goes, my darling. i'll miss her dearly. 5 weeks til i go. fancy... holey shit. the art show will happen next week and we will have a mid show celebration when my boy goes home. changes of plan. lucky i'm flexible.

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Sherriff said...

Lifestyle changes for Hell?

No. No no no no no.