somebody save me

note my two week absence.. yes, ten year olds are demanding, of time, money, energy and the ever precious life spirit. rewarding yes. very. mucho. still got a choked up throat from our goodbye this morning. i made a ten year old boy cry... again!

beleive me.. i am officially nominated best aunty ever. and it was very considered. yep. "my mate dave jonhson has a cool aunty but i reckon if he knew how good you are he'd vote for you" ... from the mouths of babes. all this even though i obviously have no idea what is cool. halo 2? anyone? yes kade, you win. my tv cannot plug in an x box... too old.

so we went forth and sought out boyish things. and we found. and we conquered, and he wanted to stay.

but dear boy. life is not like this all the time. no pool, pinnies, pubs, beach, luna park, cakes, fine coffee, beer parties, rock n roll, pie parties, chocolate, videos, pretty amorous ladies and charming generous gentlemen, sleeping in til 11 everyday..

ahhhhh... well... maybe it is. but not for long. my friends are too abundant, clever and good looking, my house is too great, my life too sweet. i must pack it all in annd leave town like the imposter i am. take it to the big bad world. see how they like that. huh. ready punkins.?

well i'm not. have just farewelled two of the finest ladies in the land, and i'm choked up allover again. i miss annie. i cried, she cried. and she wrote it on the wall. i miss dell. i cried again. and just now andrea and cam have left me for who knows how long... reprise.... angie, youre beautiful. come on baby dry your eyes...

i have 3 weeks to pack up, sell, give, chuck in my life here. oh dear. those who know me know how bad this is.

how sad this is.



Anonymous said...

are you leaving melbourne per

hell said...

indefinite. will be back for my groupie love.

little nemo said...

llorando para tu mi amor.
i miss you all, but my aim will improve, i catch you one day...