here I am. it's unbelievably pretty here. and the air is so fresh it hurts my lungs. it's about perfect summer weather. hot in the day, building up to the occasional monsoonal storm in the afternoon evening. which means amazing purple skies and lightning and thunder. which gets me all exited in a electric kind of way.

perfect swimming weather and thus far I do every day. in the clean river which flows through the property. I walk down the hill, look at the trees and swim. into the rapids for as long as I feel like. then I hop out and sit on the warm rocks and look at the sky. then I get back in the water and swim some more. then I walk up the hill and have some lunch. all homemade homegrown organic food.

then after lunch I do some work. make something, sew something, write something, work something out or today i planted some trees. we are reforesting a patch of the riverbank... hmmmm. then I go for a walk. either down the road to visit my country friend mike. or down the forest to look for animals and more watersports or up the hill to talk to my lovely lifelong neighbours, reet and john.

did I mention I'm in the house that my dad built. it's all timber harvested from the property and sawn up and built into the house I grew up in. I like it. lovely timber walls and floors. we have a combustion stove that also heats the water so you must light the fire everyday to make hot water. this was my job all through high school. chop wood and light the fire. I have very strong arms from all the wood chopping & I'm good at lighting fires. I think mum and dad gave me this job to curb my arsonist firebug tendencies and, the clever monkeys, I think it worked. I'm fire smart.

I'm also a little bored. so if you feel for me. can you do something for me. make me a mix tape. compilation cd. a letter. a picture. and send it to me.

MSI 1567
upper barron
qld 4883

I promise I'll send you something in return.

yours in health already. x.

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