to all my people in the world happy 2005

hope y'all had a marvelous time. i did.

oh the cd coverness of it all
"oh the cd coverness of it all"

now if my new year's celebration is any indication this year'll be acted out in great new places with great new people, being overly enthusiastic, overly active, collecting bruises and new loves. my new year was filled with fun, beaches, blood, bloody mary's, bad dancing, lot's of it, good dancing, activities galore, table tennis tournaments, foozeball, boules, coites, basketball, night swimming, headstands, backflips and lots of good wholesome fun.

kate and i & little yella drove down to phillip island, to catherine's holiday house, an amazing old schoolhouse with room for many to sleep and celebrate with many games to play and amazing beaches nearby. *sigh*

thank you kate for coming with me, putting up with me... i love you and you know it. & you love me... even if sometimes you have to look at me like this... sorry about the sore feet. too much enthusiasm. again.
oh dear
yes i know what i'm like. oh dear.
sit down.. please dell
"sit down.. please dell"

Kade 'legs' Macdonald, for inviting me. and for days of entertainment. activities officer for the most active party since i don't know when. i didn't count the costume changes, though there were lots of them, the cravat and short shorts was a favourite, although i have to have a soft spot for the short shorts and gumboots which were your dell outfit, scary. and lots of fun, you're very good at it. so lots of love.
activities offficer and assistant
activities officer

thank you beautiful catherine for having us and hosting a fantastic party.
respect to a fine lady who drives big trucks, who looks HOT in gumboots and mends wounds and was almost on the floor with me everytime and you know i'm always there, respect... then when we're all tired provides hours of interpretive dance entertainment. padre and jesus where lucky to know you. oh... and for actually being able to do the flips and cartwheels kade and i were attempting...
vodka garlic watermelon
mmmmmmnnn "vodka garlic watermelon" tasty.

corey. hope the foots feeling better darlin, lovely to hang out with you and dance to yr tunes. and take photos of yr guts spillin out on the deck. hope to do it again sometime. not the gut's part, or the blood, though i do like the photos. is that bad?
corey's BLOOD and maybe some guts
bike accident
just a reminder we were all drinkin bloody marys when this was happening...
more blood
and more battlescars. for luke this time... whos responsible?
so watch it
sunny days, and windy days.
more windy
pretty veiws
and on that lighter note, to the rest of youse, it was great to spend some time with youse. all the best. now dear people...

annie my dear, hope you have a wonderful 2005, no doubt you started it in style in paris. was thinking of you all weekend, and you know my big smile and heart is with you everywhere. love you most classy lady.

same goes to you simon, miss you dearly but methinks it'll be good to see you soon.

rachael. what can i say laaaaahhhhhhvvvvve youse scuzzy malaka. so good to talk to you christmas. & good luck with icthyfan or what's his name...

andrea and cameron, no doubt youre all blissed out on love and freakin spiriruality, or delhi belly, either way, love you and miss you and hope to catch up sometime not too far away, and i'm still not dead yet ang. and i'm very glad to hear that you aren't either. keep safe. dellie belly.

and everyone else, you know i love you, hope to see some of you this week before i pack it all in. otherwise i guess i'll hunt you down sometime, somewhere cause you know i do that. goddamn country girl that i am. probly bring you the homemade chutney too. til then most sauce. i mean love.

dellon the dancefloor

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