it's my birthday. and i'm happy. i'm also 27. getting big huh... shit. yesterday greg and simon came and stole me away from my house packing (well my bed, who am i fooling...) and took me out for lunch to a pub in st leonards. nice view. nice drive. nice boys.
i got back and went back to bed. ha.

then kylee came over and we ate dumplings. yay dumplings! then we had a nap. then kate came over and we took pictures of me as super dell.. DA DADA!
this makes me SO happy. yes simple things i know... but i never pretended to be anything more. or maybe i did. then we went out to ding dong to see sweet young james play with the rumours. oh what a good looking band. we had alterior motives though and a score to settle.

see i'm selling everything and there has been a little competion over some of my belongings. kate and kylee both want my scrabble board. i insisted the only way to decide it was with a dance off. so we were there to dance. the early bands were not that good to dance to but if you know me you'll know that i will persevere. where most would know better than to go.

so we danced. and when you just can't dance the next best thing is to pose. now a place like ding dong is FULL of posers. but i mean really pose. drop to the floor with head in hands poses. 'come fight me, bitch' poses (best kept amongst the inner circle) ooops i dropped my books poses. you get me. so we were posing. giving repsect for the good ones and dissin' the bad. we made a few posy friends too. now this is a sport we developed as part of the BLACK REBEL ACTIVITIES CLUB. and we like to keep up the practise. specially when youre needing to dance and the music just won't give it up.

anyways. the rumours came on, kylee left (work) & kate and i really danced. and it was fun. and silly. then it was my birthday. and James wished me happy birthday in the sweetest way. and i blushed. whats new? and we danced more. and posed more. then i had to go home cause i had to work this morning too. but first one must uphold a tradition. birthday photo booth photos. we made number 27. not so easy. got it back to front the first time. and you need a helper when you're in the double digits. serious body spelling business. uh huh. just try it yourselves. and don't tell me you cant see it, it's quite clear really...
now i should pretend to pack up my house again, and clean up cause i'm having a party. come if you wanna. HA.

there will be dance off's. it's a promise.
oh and this's greg. ah how sweet.


rhymes with pony said...

looks like fun at your nye. happy bday super girl (that elec socket is a bit of a technical giveaway). see you at your party, i will try and make it. x

wolfgang & vincent said...

hi dell, sorry i didn't make it. heard it was lovely. happy birthday and many bon voyage wishes. looking forward to the dell travel blog...take care out there :) xx

little nemo said...

happy birthday
love you
and ever

MintaSpew said...

Me big time scrabble caretaker now. Pure wood and all. Scrabble club will be taking off sometime in the near future. Thanks Dell. Looks like i have to take photos of the end of game board and post on the my blog for you. Thanks for the great b'day bash and the girlscout top. love it.