we met up in coloane yesterday afternoon. caught the bus out to the islands, was a sunshiney day and great to get a little further from the smog. its impenetrable here most days. and i'm choking. so trees are good to see.

walked all around the pretty village and saw many growling dogs and much dried fish and chooks and junks from china and china... and beer garden at fernandos watching dog fights and being bitten by mosquitos and talking with jon and rachael and maude. then eating delicious garlic prawns and mussells in the portugese style. yum. have been eating so well. shown the pick of places by rach & jon & maude. food is so good. yay. apart from msg and craving loads of unadulterated fresh fruit... they have the best custard tarts... and cheap beer. actually cheap everything.

wandering is good here. easy to get lost but hard to get really lost cause a cab can take you home for a couple of bucks from anywhere. i'm getting the buses... and kind of knowing where i am, though the best stuff is off the tracks anyway. some beautiful temples and crazy little backstreets where you just look in and theres the family having dinner by the telly, door open onto the street. also saw chook alley with hundreds of chooks in cages waiting for the butcher who was hanging gizzards and heads up by the door for sale.

dumpling town and less love and mostly it's just lovely to catch up with rachael and stay with jonny in the crib, with the best franco cozzo furniture and waterside veiws.. now i'm staying at rachaels... playing at being her wife, though the bitch is going to bali in two weeks to get married to someone called tammy? i'm being very diplomatic about it though and helping her download the playlist. also shopping during the day, dragging her out at night, telling her what she ought to buy.. that kind of thing. don't think i could stay long if not working. plenty to do, but you know... it's still a paddock. oh, that's the metaphor for where i've been most of the year.. dellies in the paddock. cant see nothing but grass and trees, or smog and chinese...

last days in the hills but not last in the paddock.
last days in the hills
nice new paddock
 in the new crib

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