apart from my system totally STRUGGLING with all the poison in the food msg and in the air and in my eyes... i love it. food is great. city is crazy. macau is sweet. so good to see rachael. i realise even more how i miss my friends. we drink funny beers, rachael has to go to work, i have the reputation of being bad influence, cause shes hungover and late.... hmmn.

jonny and maude and us out on the town in hong kong. yay. food. yum. dodgy bars. trains trams ferrys, buses. photos. CUTE kids everywhere. YAY.
breakfast first morning in hongkong
re animating morning rachael & dell
wandering by the water. stanley hongkonghong kong targets


anna blume said...

Hello Dell

I'm glad you made it. Although I understand very well why you took so long leaving QLD. When I get back to Oz I am looking forward to travelling those northern parts. I'm in Edinburgh and it is a very beautiful city, but I miss my friends too I need a digital camera like yours so I can document my angle on the world through pictures. Are you going to make it over to Europe? If so, we should meet up some time over summer for a weekend den of debauchery and blight sightseeing with red cellaphane and crazy colours and loose beers.

LOL Towering Bantam xox

rhymes with pony said...

*ronan gives dell a high five like back in the ghetto* good on ya for getting on that plane girly, good luck adventuring and say hi to rachel who is tops.

little nemo said...

oh dell, melbourne is not so much fun without you. still a bit good. glad you got there in the end.