monkey magic

at the a-ma temple, i got hijacked but a bus load of chinese tourists who wanted photos with me, seems my golden hair is good luck... weird. muggy day, i got mugged. walked up the hill to veiws allround, pretty & peaceful.

after work rach and i went shopping up by the border but got depressed by it all. sushi made it better. the tai chi?? routines on the three lamps roundabout cheered us up. particularly when we started commentating. push him down, give him some biccies, stomp his leg, tell him how it's gonna be, ask him home, tell him walk behind, take off your shoes, lay on the bed, catch the butterfly, let the butterfly go...

we saw people eating icecreams and asked them where from? supermarket, we got red bean and chestnut and taro icecream... so good... then black sesame... a whole new world of flavours... an icecream full of beans would fill you up much more than one without.. genius dellie... you full too rachael? i can't sleep. too much msg? coffee from a can? sugar?tv?...YAY!monkey magic... found a new version, strangely wrong and wonderful to find something so familar yet so different on chinese tv. couldn't understand a word but i know the story. i watched the whole episode... think i know what went down, but they're all so creepy... lookit monkey!

monkey magic

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stringbeanjean said...

oh my god!
surely that's not supposed to be my beloved pigsy!?
what madness is this?