kareoke ok

more dumplings, bad coffee, beer. did i mention how happy it makes me to be walking around these crazy streets feeling like a beer. walk into a supermarket, grab a bottle for less than a dollar, the checkout chick will open it for you and off you go down the street, with beer. THE WAY ITS SUPPOSED TO BE... too easy. went home, too awake, i happened to mention to rach that i want to go to one of these kareoke bars soon like. NOW. big grins, walk across the carpark to the first one we see. YES. this is where the locals are. tonnes of cute maccanese kids in a dark room, the sound of hundreds of cups of dice being shook up. dice games... and totally different, inconspicous, they just sit at the table and the mic gets passed around. till we have a go, first english song, probably those too whiteys in the corner. we sang eternal flame and careless whispers. till five in the morning.

next day steal rachael away from work to play... skive o rama... the best holiday day of all. even though terribly seedy. caught the bus over to coloane. breakfast at the home of the best ever portugese custard tarts... ever... wander around bumping into things abit. buy basket visors and get exited and buy badminton raquets. we head to the beach and find a lovely activities park by it with sculpted animal trees chinese horoscope park.. perfect setting for the badminton. pools, fountains, basketball courts, where its at... mong shuttlecockery. shoes off feet in the fountain... layabouts.

after so much activity i get even more exited and buy a basketball so we can shoot some hoops. we do. its fun. impress some chinese boys with our three pointers. we laugh. rachies apartment is going to be filled with my abandoned sporting goods...

bus home is tired tired after chips in the garden at fernandos. big day tomorow, rach haircut and colour, big maintenance with pedicures and waxing. the end of scuzzy bitches bring out the ladies... are sorry they not here...

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