razzle dazzle hoola hooper

or just plain disgraceful.

after lazy sunday we wanted to go shopping in threelamps... i bought a big bunch of water bamboo for rach's apartment... presents for kids. and ladies. and dumb pretty stuff. totally overloaded, we purposfully stumble into sushi mitei.. offending the restrained and beautiful atmosphere just by being there... we hide our stuff away and sit at the bar for the best veiw of food preparation ever. spunky chefs building amazing beautiful food. so we want to order everything.. and nearly do. a banquet for two. rainbow handrolls, spicy sashimi, the best eggplant in the world, shrimp tempura, and pumpkin icecream to die for. ho sek. ho lang. cute waitress's everywhere and we are sure they think us fat bastards. BUT it is so worth it. yum. about three hours later we leave and go to a supermarket round the corner and i find the best hoola hoop ever, so i have to try it right then and there. i ask if i'm allowed buy it and leave it in rachaels apartment. more discarded sporting goods. sorry rachael. or hoola HOOPER as i like to call her now. by the end of the night we have both mastered it and have sore bellies.

i'm buying this hoop

shopping bags

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little nemo said...

hrrow.. nice hair rachy. still in melbourne arting etc . bin making cute badges out of mirror perspex. thinking about tranx video miss you both and macau...