look who i found!

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things must be working out. who should have come to brisbane in the few days while i'm there but most beautiful brookie. whose sister has just had a little baby boy. we celebrated, we caught up, we drank, a lot. we laughed a lot. she stayed with me at my aunts house and we skinny dipped in the pool. after trying unsuccessfully to sneak in a 5 in the morning drunk in unfamiliar territory.

we ended up at the house of a beautiful boy with wonderful wallpaper and terrible drinks and drinking games. I'm sure i managed to thoroughly offend quite a few of his friends but i promise at least one of them deserved it.

i love staying with aunt pamela. and brisbane is pretty where they are all old queenslanders, balconies, hills and trees and SUNSHINE.

now i'm in wellington until further notice. it's pretty, we've had unseasonably good weather. i've got to get a job. enough said.


headur said...

I was thinking about that, you could do anything! I ponder what I'm going to be when I grow up all the time. I would love to see your jobsearch.Anywhere you end up will be
lit up by you.

hell said...

thank you! for lovely comments, pity i'm so damn unemployable!