sailing & sunshine

lily, bec and symone kidnapped me to take me to their house for tea and talk and we ended up drinking gin and trying on shoes. lily is bec’s beautiful little girl.
they picked me up and as I jump in the car I see lily & it’s a stick up. she’s holding two cordless drills pointed at me. i'm watching you punk.

I gave lily my camera to play with and so I have pictures of everything she loves in her house including the toilet seat cover and doormat. she takes photos just like me.

bec has a lovely house with a huge poinsettia tree in the back yard with coloured cane chairs for tea parties. so we have a tea party with dress-ups, photo taking, talk and then gin. all together delightful.

Brisbane is pretty and sunny and totally foreign to me. good and bad and I can’t really tell what it’d be like to live here.

my family are lovely, Thomas is such a beautiful 12 yr old boy. so sweet it amazes me. funny and clever. pene is a handful and lou is a BEAUTIFUL teenage girl girl girl. ai ai ai.

I’ve seen some good art, been yelled at by a pack of rugby men and swum in the pool. fingers crossed I might see brookie tomorrow and see some rock n roll too.

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