hi, how are you? i'm fine

why so glum?
why so glum?

i've been working with small children. here.
the fog
it's good really.

i'm moving in with amy laurenson.

she has a great house on the hillside. very pretty. they're having a party tomorow night. i'm official photographer. i'll take some photos. i have to dress dandy or dapper, not easy from a suitcase. i'll let you know how i go.

it's fucking COLD and windy today and i refuse to go outside for the first time since i've been here. i have 5oo stairs to walk down and up to get to the bus stop. i'm much fitter already. that's how you pay for nice veiws and sunshine.
the hood
how are you?


little nemo said...

i'm okay too. if you see any cool shops that look like they need badges, send me their details. say hi to the charming amy laurenson for me.

rhymes with pony said...

im sad because your camera takes nicer photos and i should stop falling for false economies with my purchases). good apart from that