living in amy’s house is good. amy is good. the party went well, people dressed up, we had delicious cocktails made by numerous handsome people and people were lovely.
happy birthday beautiful amy
outlandish generalization, new Zealanders are really sweet. it’s true. an example, amy and I went out on the town, we wanted to get boozed, these are the bars you go to. by the fancy cocktail bar at the end of the night I lose my wallet. I tell the cute girl behind the counter, see if it’s been handed in. whats it look like, ummm, well, it’s small, brown leather & this’s kind of embarrassing, with a map of Australia and a kangaroo printed in gold.
she just smiled and seemed genuinely concerned, in melbourne I’d be looked at with unmasked scorn & told bad luck, even from a friend. I know cause I lost my wallet four times last year. I deserve the scorn.

I found it on the floor by the bar, it’s fallen out of my pocket and was lying next to someone’s amex gold card. I handed that in too. see, nice. she was relieved for me, and we had a nice friendly chat. we laughed about the kangaroo. I made a friend.

it all took me back to my first days in Melbourne, where even the people who were nice to you gave the impression it could swing in no time. kind of interested, kind of bored with you, or bored with everything. quite a few people were outright rude and some just let you know how much better they were. subtly mind. not an accusation, I probably do it too.

my heart probably is in Melbourne. but gladly i am here with all the cute kiwi boys & girls... who speak funny, in a really nice way. I have crushes aplenty... more on that later.

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