horse stories

amy and i went pony riding for the black rebel activities club. read all about it.
me & roly, good pony

my last horse experience was a few years ago walking up the hill past the stables next door to mums. I attempted to walk past a young horse on the road. turns out, he had some past scores to settle with humanity. angry young pony. chased me, with every intention of trampling me. I sheltered behind a tree, he tried to chase me out, he got on his hind legs as to stomp me… it was a stand off. I only got away when john came up to feed them half an hour later. he tried to trample him too. bad pony billy.

John is my lifetime neighbour & friend and the father of angie, my best friend throughout primary school. Johnny bred and fed a lot of horses. he taught us how to ride them. or some of them. morning boy was the favourite. he was so docile and fat that we’d ride him bareback, the two of us, sometimes three if phoebe was around. he ended up with a ploy of refusing to move at all. we’d get bored and hop off. lucy was angies horse and she was pretty good too, though she’d sometimes try to rub you off on fence posts, bite you, and stuff like that. amigo was the stallion and totally unapproachable, very handsome to look at though.

i had a shetland pony (EVIL CREATURES) buck me off the saddle til i slipped underneath clinging to her belly, dragging on the ground as she galloped around until she got bored and stopped. refusing to move or let me up until someone fed her something.

one bit a chunk out of my pigtail. it was uneven for ages. morning boy stood on Angie's foot while phoebe and I were on him, he was a HUGE horse. yow. I fell a few times from him, ang got tipped underneath him once. our later expeditions were often marred by the fact you could never catch the horses. they’d just ignore you or tip you off strait away. we stopped trying eventually. maybe that’s when we took up smoking pot, skiving school and riding motorbikes.

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