oooh I’m happy tonite, in front of the heater watching the teev, nz has a music channel all hours. if you know me, you know rage and video hits are my favourites. nothin pleases me more than heaps of cheesy hip hop, we just got missy’s new video & I’m still smiling.
we’ve been lounge room dancing.

missy makes me think of annie. so love to annie, and brookie, who doesn't read this so pass it on. love to brookie. pretty ladies.
I’m surely missing all the fine ladies.

anywise CHRIST CHURCH...

apologies if I can’t concentrate properly, who new roots manuva was so handsome? deep voiced gentlemen knock my socks off.

so I said I’d write about my time in Christchurch.

I was overcome by a sense of foreboding as the train pulled into town. maybe it’s the heathen in me, but that name gives me the shivers. and it was dark, and that shit happens sometimes. I really felt like I should hop strait back on the train and go north. it was all unwarranted, cause from the moment I saw Greg waitin at the station we were in good hands.

he took me to dinner, to galleries & openings, to his mums, to his dads. he drove me around town, took me op shopping took me drinking, took me home.

we hired a car and drove down to a house in Wanaka, through the amazing mountain country and glacial lakes and what I named jigsaw puzzle land, cause it all looks like some idyllic scene from the back of a box somewhere.
middle earth
we got there, nice view, nice house, nice dinner, lots of beer, nice bottles of celebratory wine, and not such a nice idea to open the big bottle of whiskey. I felt ill the next day. unable to go more than an hour In the car through the mountains without needing some fresh air. and a little lie down on the road. and well, it got to the point I couldn’t hold down a mouthful of water. maybe it was the altitude? not pretty. sorry g.
roadkill hangover

things I liked. greg & his mum. this sculpture by neil dawson at the arts centre.
the olde English style. I liked L&P, world famous in new zealand, snifters & Belgian biccies, & greg telling me what refreshments I should try.
L&P world famous in new zealand

perky nana’s had been it so far & they are extreme. we spoke of how kiwi’s are extreme. extreme snacks, extreme sports, extreme weather. extremely fast talking. extremely hard to understand.

I didn’t really like thuck cut chips or the gothic sense of doom. you could easily get lost in the flatness of it all. and the quietness. I expected some wintery tumbleweed to roll on by, but maybe that’s just because I’ve been living in wello. which though smaller has some focus.

it’s nice to be back. or it was yesterday. the perfect warm sunny sailboats on the water, on the beach with gelato day I’ve had In a long time. hindered only by the prevalence of sporty active types cluttering up the paths jogging & biking, and the water, kayaking, sailing and windsurfing. like I said. extreme. or perhaps just wholesome.

must stop now. beavis and butthead is on and that makes me happy. did I say too much?

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