how could i forget the arc

the first day we went to go there nobody could or would tell us where to go, they looked us like we were crazy when we asked for an arc, on a hill, lookin over the water, with animals, you know noah? "the animals went in two by two HURRAH HURRAH". yes someone crazy has built an arc here, can you tell us where?

but nope. no one knew. how could you not know?

we found it on the last day with help from anne.
would you have to be crazy to build an arc? surely.

but it is kind of cool. in a wrong way. or bits of it are. they have a great veiw, and an amazing grand piano, but the ballroom has ugly pictures and the band is called the arcestra.

mother & son by the ark

then we walked through the gardens and i smiled at how good this mother & son look together. you can too.
anne & greg


Anonymous said...

ha ha i'm smiling. at all of it

hell said...

who can it be now?

i'm glad youre smiling with me.

little nemo said...

come home soon, i need to laugh at/with you again.

rhymes with pony said...

greg knows how to rock the scarf (as they say in uzbeckizstan (hmm cant spell that country)) That rhino looks great is it made out of plastic or what is it made out of?

hell said...

well thank you simon, i think you mean with me cause you'll easily laugh AT me from afar...

the rhino is bronze? maybe... something heavy. and no i didn't try to lift it, i could just tell.

greg rocks the scarf...