zombies lurking

tonight I saw “my summer of love”, which I wholly recommend.

then I saw a zombie film with simon baker from e street as the earnest good guy and he was terrible, but it was great in a cheesy zombie gore I’d never usually go to this but why not? way. I was at the embassy which is the lush old school cinema (& I sat in frodo’s seat) and people kept leaving their seats and lurking into my frame of vision like the zombies on screen. I laughed a lot. anyway after that I caught the 3 am hataitai bus home through the tunnel. the bus tunnel gives me a bad feeling on a good day. its just big enough to fit a bus through, but it’s used for both directions. its long and dark and it goes through a hill, as tunnels do.

I walked out up Waipapa road, it’s not too far & it’s a lovely night. not spooked at all despite the big Samoan guy who’d asked me for coffee not following me halfway up the hill. til I get to our dark, dark steps which are treacherous at the best of times, have I mentioned there are hundreds of them, and they wind down a small dark, dark path on the side of a steep, steep hill and the garden hangs down in a gorgeous secret garden kind of way… I’ve often thought you would have to be keen, or lucky to find or burgle this house. but if you were on the run & wanted a place to hide out no one would know if you hid in our shed. and the thing about zombies is they just lurk, you know. then pop up and eat you... just grand.

so other films I’ve seen & loved, and why. A lot of music docos, “Hank Williams, Honky Tonk Blues”. I cried, the music. his voice & songs do that to me, being a heart-sore hillbilly. “Be here to love me” was a little like that too. Townes Van Sandt . didn’t cry this time but loved the music and the usual hopeless genius story. which brings me to “the devil & Daniel Johnson”. loved this too. nuts & great & so wrong only in america working in macdonalds fighting the devil. didn’t so much like ‘fallen angel’ gram parsons not enough of the music. didn’t have the heart to tell gandulf though.

forget what else i saw but you get the picture. i'm glad the film festival is over. i have beers to drink in a dark dark bar somewhere.

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