very bad taste

I think I trouble people here. fair enough too, cause I am wearing some VERY strange clothes. & it seems to be getting worse. I think I need an intervention. you should see what I bought today. poor amy is probably mortified. it comes from my theory that traveling, you know, can’t take much… but being me I NEED more clothes to wear or I get depressed. so I buy things. from op shops. it’s interesting, you know culturally. and well, socially too.
pink & grey
no animals were hurt, promise, see he's poking out his tongue just to compliment my jumper.

yes, picture me trying to make friends wearing my controversial acid wash jeans. which I seem to have embraced while being in New Zealand. doing my best to offend wellington's delicate sensibilities & prove them right in their thinking that Australians are their dumb trashy cousins with poor taste?
just thought I’d remind you the world is a scary place. I asked greg to shake me one day if he sees me wearing one of these. thankfully this is just for illustrative purposes.

careful though. we had that discussion too. about not looking ugly things in the eyes or you might just fall in love, develop a soft spot for them and well, then you’re gone. well aware that it’s wrong & ugly but you don’t care cause you have a personal attachment. oops. I do it all the time.

that’ll teach me for looking strays in the eyes.

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