lone pony.

I woke up this morning & looked out the window to another sunshiney, springish winter day. You can see the south island from here all snowy peaked and stunning. and the ferry crossing the straits and the pretty pale houses climbing up the hills across the peninsula. & that's before i got out of bed.

I have been house-sitting for the last week or two. my aunt pene has gone camping in lychfield national park for 6 weeks & her kingly cat Mustafah needs company. so I have a big house on the hill in Seatoun all to myself, apart from the cat & the goldfish. I feel like the queen of the mansion.

I’m working two days a week, so my schedule is not too demanding. I keep my house nice & clean.

my 4 yr old cousin William has a huge trampoline that I’ve taken to jumping on for hours on end. staring out over the mountains, or lying down staring at the sky. I’ve taken to long walks on the mountains & the beaches, it’s a peninsula so you can walk all the way round from small towny beaches to rugged isolated bushy ones.
I’ve been listening to lots of new music, writing story’s, playing the piano & watching documentaries about crazy people. apart from the watching & walking it’s all questionable quality. I can’t write. & ask my mother who tried to teach me for years & years if I can play the piano. lucky it’s solitary.

now I’m going to the pub, to meet my new friend & try to stir up some trouble, cause otherwise I’ll go crazy. or get the blues, which is part & parcel of life in self-imposed exile. I don’t mind a little misery anyways, not when I’m the queen.

nb. yellow-headed misery comes of being accused of trying to steal peoples boyfriends. it’s a very married town. & frankly, I’m not interested. although funnily enough i do have a crush on a tall man named frank, with a VERY deep voice. & he has a radio show. yay.

besides, the only marriage I’m interested in is happening as we speak somewhere on the way to Canada after all that ceremony that i missed last week, hence the blues. my lovelies I hope you travel safe & good wishes for getting there. I need your address to post this damn parcel. love you. miss you terribly. hope you still love me.

& for everyone else. i'll try & post something entertaining soon.

oh, and the time is not actually 9:59 am. or perhaps it is in australlian time, my computer still runs on it. confusing. but here it is quite reasonable to be going to the pub. especially if you have a five day weekend.

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