romantic gestures

dear mr duff. that's one fine lady you have there, not that i need tell you, more that i'm telling her.
& to show you how much youse both rock, in a dyslexic kind of way, i've been building. i think i mean i'm showing you in a dyslexic kind of way not that that's how you.... whatever.
heres to more romantic gestures.


a wink to the happy couple. a nod to my favourite music video ever, fell in love with a girl, mr gondry this video makes lfe grand, hats off to ac/dc & last but not least master william p, my cousin who belongs to the lego. woo hoo, which by the way is the sound the wind makes as it blows. but maybe more like wwwwoooooooooooohoooooooooooooooi ammmm coming to biiiiilllllooooooow your house in and steal your warmth & drain your blood or some such thing.

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Anonymous said...

v cool dell. x ronan