I was disappointed. at the number of people who didn’t come. I also love how these things are hijacked by special interest groups when even howard voting conservative bastards may want to protest the race riots in Sydney.

... unless they had some Christmas drinks to go to. CUNTS.

So I’m not feeling very festive. I’m over the drunk people.
NO! not you. I love you. REALLY... I’ll get over it.

apparently, after this weekend I am beginning an astrological phase that will be MORE FUN than I have had in a long time, possibly EVER. scary considering how much fun I have EVEN when I am a surly scowly sad kind of girl. that’s how I felt at our river picnic today. but I loved the beautiful ladies. and the pies and the blanket I lay on and the plum tree and the ducks and we laughed and laughed and it was good.

wild plums

so now I am making peppercorn jelly. that’s what you do when you find wild plums. & this stuff is nice with some soft cheese. maybe roaring forties blue. WANKER.

if you buy a ticket in the chutney club Christmas raffle you might be able to enjoy a little over Christmas. the chutney club hamper looks good. buy a ticket. you can get them from me, or easier at newtown social club on Brunswick street. it’s drawn on Friday so get to it. we the chutney club are going to buy some goats with the proceeds.


rhymes with pony said...

hi dell. here is a hug.
feeling pretty shit today myself but thats what you get when you stay up late.
i avoided that protest like purple pants because of the heavy green left/resistance factor. im sorry but they really ruin this sort of thing for me.
i will buy two chutney tickets.
you can buy me. im goat like. and cheap.
lots o' and x

Jess said...

On the upside, my social life has blossomed since the protest. I got invites to pro-choice vs right-to-lifer fisticuffs, something to do with a tree and I think a gay marriage-related shindig too.

We tried, and we'll keep trying x

hell said...

thanks ronan & clever jess!

can i come as your date to the tree thing?

i might even own a pet goat before the weeks out. i could have him on a leash starlet style.

things are looking up...

Djali said...

I secretly didn't go to the rally either, I'm sorry, I was working but also I was a bit suspicious about the running of the whole thing.

I like goats. They can be very handy. I will buy a ticket tomorrow.

Hope your upcomming astrological phase proves to be everything it promises Dell, and Happy Christmas/New Year and all that festyivity stuff ecceteraeccetera. xx