more cakes for cake club
for annies birthday yesterday we made a ladybird & babies. sweet. it was lemon & ginger cake with creamcheese icing.
kylees horse head. we would've put it in her bed if we could. HAPPY BRITHDAY BELLE.
kylees horse cake

happy holidays everyone. i'm not really in the spirit. but will go to the robroy tonight for the launch of kes's cd. i'm guessing it'll be beautiful. then i have two housesitting stints lined up. a cat to feed & a dragon to sun and some stick insects to mist. you?


Djali said...

I am going to look after my aunty, keep her company and be her arms after her operation. There are sheep to herd, a donkey to avoid (he's very protective of his sheep), a rooster to watch (he's in love with one of the hens even though she's a bantom and he's not), cats and dogs, a horse of course and a partridge in a pear tree. Should keep me out of trouble for a bit. I hope you have some good holidays Dell even though you aren't in the mood just now, just think of your next coming astrollogical phase. And Have fun mistifying those stick insects.

hell said...

a donkey! i want one. a regular menagerie. good luck!