beachhouse newyear with grumpy pat. hi pat!

beach house

i do like to be beside the seaside. besides i'm housesitting on the OTHER side. st kilda. it's like being in another town. it makes me lazy to travel when it is an hour across town to the pub and any people i want to see. so today i stayed in and sewed a monkey suit. as you do.

things i did in st kilda.

heated up and fed the dragon. yes the DRAGON. this means picking him up & putting him on a hot rock... when he's hot he goes a nice shade of yellow... then feeding him berries. he gets a red stain around his mouth like lipstick. almost pretty. (for something that looks like a toad with prickles and a tail...)

misting the stick insects.

eating at cicciolinas. yum.

kissing a boy at the end of the jetty at night.

watched people catch & keep fish off the peir. (eat something out of this bay!?)

coffee at the galleon, with the only handsome local i know.

cakes from carlisle st deli.

walks through the botanic gardens.


saw three people asleep in or near gutters in three days...

but now i have to bring myself to leave the comforts of irina's flat. & catch the train. lucky i like trains.

if you have any suggestions as to what one should do on this side of town, besides the above, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday honey
i hope it is a great one
canadian pines are swaying in the wind for you
there is no monkeys only squirrells
but they are kinda hairy and funny too
love you long time

rhymes with pony said...

monkeys in the gravy
they like it cause its salty
all day long

the cooky is getting angry
they dont care