lets go bananas!

this gives me a bit of a headache but...
it's simple. you dress and dance and act like a monkey. ready fools. saturday night.
i don't care how punishing new year was. it's my birthday. if you have monkey songs or movies to play, or monkey dances... two words. BRING IT.
and if, like some people you are a little shy of looking like an ugly monkey, come as a pretty one. or a banana. or a freakin peanut. get it.
monkey magic
for some inspiration here's some good chinese monkey magic. recorded in a hotel room in hongkong.


Sherriff said...

The safety word is bananas.

hell said...

the codeword is NUTS!

Anonymous said...

hi dell - happy birthday, sweetpea
xx emma

rhymes with pony said...

im gonna have my banana cake and eat it too.