birthday week is over, so now I’m really 28. it feels better than the end of 27 felt.
monkey face eaten up
here’s the four words I wrote down on my last night of 27.


then I woke up & wrote this.


much better really apart from the bellyache.
it’s gone now though, and things that happened in the first week show a bit of promise for this year.

a charming couple invited me to sleep with them, YES! something like that... a boy told me I was exceptional. IT"S TRUE! I might be in love. I danced & fought & managed to get paid. i had my heart melted AGAIN & AGAIN by the most handsome 2 month old boy IN THE WORLD... i now even have a photo of him in my wallet.
I got a fix of rock n roll with BREAKING THE LAW who should play more... yes they should.

& I also learnt how to say ‘go fuck yourself’ in French.

which will come in very handy when I’m an old lady in paris.


Djali said...

Hell, you are so shiny and addictive, I almost want to do things with you too, maybe don't tell your boyfriend? I wont tell mine.

And YES we saw MONKIES at the zoo! But pre-monkey party we decided that the elephants were the best. Now I am helping paint an enormous elephant stencil on a boy's wall. It is BIG. New post to prove will follow soon.

I hope 28 begins to sit better in your belly soon. And how DO you say "go fuck yourself" in French, please tell. And YES also Ronan is very handsome, but he should blog more cos I get bored just staring at the same post all the time.

hell said...

va te faire foutre